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Areas in Dallas with the Highest Likelihood of Flooding

If you are planning to move soon or buy a house in Dallas, TX, getting to know of the likelihood of the area you are picking experiencing floods is essential in the decision-making process. Get your facts right; find out the rainfall patterns before making a final decision. Also, look at historical flooding events to find out what areas experience frequent floods in Dallas, TX. The following are the cities that frequently experience flooding in Dallas.


Located on the eastern side of Dallas, Mesquite is known for frequent floods. If you intend to stay in this area, expect heavy rainfall and flooding.

Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie is a city located at the center of Dallas county. It is known for extreme weather conditions with severe floods during May. The water covers the roads and streets are in the water during the rainy seasons.


Situated south of Dallas County, Duncanville is another city that experiences heavy rainfall and frequent floods.

Cedar Hills

Located southwest of Dallas county, running along with the coast of Cedar Hill State Park and Joe Pool Lake. The city experiences heavy rainfalls, which in turn lead to severe flooding of the area.


Instituted in 1852, Lancaster is one of the oldest cities in Dallas county. It also frequents floods during the rainy season.


Garland is the other city in the county that experiences severe floods. Although the area also experiences tornadoes, flash floods still cause significant problems with lives lost annually.


The city is partly located in Dallas County and is frequent of heavy rainfalls followed by a high-velocity water flow that usually leads to flooding.


Located south of downtown Dallas county. The water flow after the heavy rainfall is likely to cause property damage and the cancellation of some of the city’s traditional festivals.



Located at the center of three counties in Texas, Carrolton is at the center of all extreme weather conditions in the state. It frequents heavy rainfalls and flooding of the streets afterward.


Also located at the center of the state, Lewisville frequents torrent water flows during the rainy seasons, which poses a danger to property and life in the area.


Another place that has a higher likelihood of floods is Coppell city. Located northwest of Dallas county. The heavy rainfalls in May recently blocked roads and lead to the loss of lives.


Grapevine is another ancient city with severe flooding tendencies. Famous for its impressive buildings, the city might make for an exciting tourist site, but you cannot say the same if you intend to stay longer. As recent as 2015, Lake Grapevine burst its banks, letting the water flow into properties and homes, leading to a severe flood.


Famous for its arts, theatre production, exhibitions, and concerts, Irving is the city to go to when you visit Dallas county. However, the area also frequents torrent floods. Flooding is one of the reasons why most parks are closed, and concerts canceled during the rainy season.


Located west of Dallas County, and is famously known for the University of Texas Arlington. Nevertheless, if you ask the students at the prestigious university, they will have stories regarding flooding in the area.


Located in the midlands of Dallas county, Bedford forms part of suburban Texas. The city frequents heavy rains during May that leads to flooding of the streets and damage of property.


Located southwest of Dallas County, Desoto is a suburban city in the county where you should also expect to experience heavy downpours leading to torrent floods. Take this into account if you intend to visit the area soon.


Located southwest of Dallas, Midlothian is known to be the place to go when you need cement in the state of Texas. If you recently got a job in one of the three cement companies in the area, brace yourself to face floods during the rainy seasons.


Also, a suburban city that is part of the larger Dallas Metroplex area. If you also intend to settle or visit the town, make sure to study the weather, with the knowledge that severe floods are a frequent possibility.

There are numerous cities in Dallas, Tx, that experience torrent floods; the above are some of the typical towns where you can expect flooding. Take into account the climate patterns; when you are planning to visit one of these towns or you intend to move to a whole new place. Make sure to pick an area with a weather pattern that suits you and your family. Some of the other towns you can expect flooding in Dallas include Colley Ville, Flower Mound, Wylie, Fort Worth, Balch Springs, Sunnyvale, Rowlett, Forney, Heath, Addison, and Oak Leaf.


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