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What to Do If Your House Floods in Dallas

In the face of your house flooding, you have a reliable plan to deal with the problem. Expect heavy rains in Dallas, TX, especially in May. During the month, the rainfall is so intense that you can, one way or another, expect it to lead to floods. A flooded house can make for such a frustrating view, and it is always essential to get a quick solution. Follow systematic steps to guarantee the safety of the other elements of your home and its structure. Follow the following steps in the face of a flood in Dallas.

Stop the Flooding Water at The Source

If the flooding is not due to a natural act, look for the opening through which the water is entering and seal it off. The quickest way to deal with it is to entirely turn off the water in your house at the main valve. Cutting off the water makes sure you put a stop to the flooding before it causes any damages to your properties.

In case the flooding is from a natural act, you need to decide if you are going to repair or sell the house. Assess the degree of damage and determine whether it is worth saving. Ensure to make the decision quickly, as the longer you take, the more damage the water is causing to your house and other personal items.

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Turn Your Electric Power Off

The next thing you need to do when your house floods in Dallas is to is turn off your electricity. Do this at the main switch. Do not walk through the water when you are trying to reach your fuse box. It can be dangerous, as it can lead to your electrocution. If you have to go through the water to get to the main switch, call an electrician to help you cut off the power.

Leave Your House

The subsequent step is to ensure your safety and that of your family members, including your pets. Makes sure everyone is accounted for and at a safe distance from the flood. It could mean moving to the backyard or a neighbor’s house. Ensure everyone is safe and check if they have sustained any injuries. In the face of a national disaster, find out where the local shelters are situated. You can do this by asking the local authorities or listening to a local Dallas news channel. After locating it, make sure everyone gets there as soon as possible.

Contact Necessary Dallas, TX Authorities for Help

After making sure that every member of your family is safe and unhurt, call for help. If any member of your family is hurt, make them the priority. Make sure to first get them help before getting back to dealing with the floods. After, you can then get back to ensuring the renovation of your house from the floods. Check out the Dallas National Disaster Recovery for assistance.

If you are staying in a rental house, first inform your landlord of the situation you are facing. Notify your landlord with details regarding the apartment flooding. Find out if they have any form of insurance for floods. Do not begin any form repairs on the property before checking in with them.

In case you are a homeowner in Dallas, TX, give your insurance company a call explaining to them the water damages the floods have caused to your house. Find out if you have to wait for an insurance adjuster before you begin cleaning or repairing your home. And if needed, reach out to a SERVPRO Dallas company or another remediation company for water and flood damage assistance.


Put Everything in Writing for Insurance Claims

In the face of water damages, the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning and repairs. However, before you start cleaning and repairs, make sure to document every detail of the damages. Use your cellphone camera to collect photos as evidence to show to your insurer; to make sure you get compensation for the damages.

With heavy rains in Dallas, floods are a common phenomenon, and it is essential to take preceding steps to protect your home.  It is critical to have your property insured, in case you face floods. Water flooding your home could be harmful; hence it is beneficial to let trained experts handle the repairs for you. Reach out to restoration experts for Dallas water damage restoration for these water repairs.

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Cleaning Process

The whole process is long, and it begins with the removal of the water. You can then salvage your other belongings, taking them out to dry up and disinfecting them to make sure they are safe for use again. Make sure to put on protective gear for your safety during the whole process. You will then need the help of a professional home renovator to find out where the leak could be and repair it.

Also, to make sure you protect your home from molds, which could grow a few days after the floods, ensure every part of your house is dry. Check for dump areas, ensuring they are all dry. Another way you can deal with molds is by cleaning your residence thoroughly. Do this using bleach and cleaning disinfectants. Growth of molds after a flood could prove very disturbing and can also cause you and your family health complications. As a result, it is better to take preventive measures to avert future problems.

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